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"Matt took to the stage to close a one-day conference in front of 600 of American Express' valued employees, and you could have had a pin drop throughout; he utterly captivated his audience with his inspirational story, but more importantly, empowered delegates to face and overcome their own personal challenges. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Matt."

Victoria Howard, American Express Site Engagement Leader

American Express
Canada Life

"We celebrated our International Men's Day today with Matt King OBE, a positive role model who should be heard by as many people as possible... The world would be a better place!" #positive #rolemodel #kindness

Karen Pengelly, Canada Life UK, UK HR Director

"Words cannot do justice to the impact Matt has had on our workforce. As a speaker he is inspirational, as a person quite unbelievable and as a tool to engage our employees, he has been invaluable. Matt's unquenchable desire to succeed and overcome is now ingrained in our philosophy at Lend Lease."

Martin Coyd OBE, European Head of Environment Health and Safety, Lend Lease

Lend Lease

Our Leadership and Management Conferences are a critical part of our annual communication strategy, engaging our people with the business priorities, and more importantly investing in their leadership skills and behaviours. Matt spoke at our 2016 Leadership Conference, at the end of a fantastic and intensive two days.

His messages are clear around the power of teamwork, linking in well with the rest of our content, but the magic of Matt’s presentation is Matt himself. He is inspirational and the stories of his achievements in the face of adversity that most of us cannot imagine are very powerful and moving. All delivered by an intelligent, witty and charming guy. He received a well-deserved standing ovation from our leaders and we’re hoping he has the same effect on our management population in May.

Jennifer Wain, Senior Communications Manager, Geoban UK (Part of the Santander Group)

"'Matt has shared his experiences with several of my clients and teams. His success story is a tremendous guide for all of us. Matt presents his performance lessons in a particularly relevant and challenging manner."

AFEX Sales Director, former Head Coach of ACT Brumbies, and former CEO and Head Coach of London Broncos

London Broncos
NHS England
"As a patient, Matt has experienced many care episodes by nurses and care staff in the NHS. His powerful and emotional journey through recovery and rehabilitation is one I would recommend all nurses and care staff to listen to and hear."

Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer for England and Wales

"Matt King is quite a force of nature. He delivers an inspiring view from the perspective of someone who has gone from rock bottom, literally in an instant, to blowing the doors off of life… Listen to him, and be inspired to believe that there is ALWAYS a way forward!"

Mark Moran, Director of Hydrate for Health

Hydrate for Health
Aintree University Hospital
"Matt's impact on our staff has been phenomenal and they report that he has truly influenced their outlook on life. The atmosphere when he told his story was nothing less than electric, you could have heard a pin drop. From an organisational perspective, he is superb value for money. From a personal perspective, his value is immeasurable."

Jill Byrne, Director of Nursing and Patient Safety, Aintree University Hospital

"Matt is captivating and inspirational. When I think about the talks he has done for Wings for Life, I always come back to this question: when the unimaginable happens, how do we respond? Matt teaches us that when we dig deep, we can find courage we never knew existed; that adaptability is fundamental to success; and that we can't always predict where life will take us."

Nikki Wilson, Head of Wings for Life UK

Wings for Life
Department for Work & Pensions
"Your presentation was honest, emotive and truly inspirational and you captivated the entire room. Your story of exceptional courage and determination will stay with us forever and will drive us every day to deliver an even better service to our customers."

Richard West, Head of Disability Operations, Department for Work and Pensions

"Matt's presentation is powerful and emotion churning, bringing all the attendees to their feet with a spontaneous, standing ovation. I have been facilitating Professional Development Days for many years and have never had one evaluated as well as this!"

Pauline Jones, Director of Nursing, Wigan Wrightington and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust

Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh
Healthcare Financial Management Association
"Matt recently provided a keynote session at our annual national conference. He received a standing ovation from our audience of around 150 finance directors and senior finance professionals from throughout the NHS. Matt’s story is one of pure courage and determination, with many powerful and relevant messages to take away, particularly around issues such as resilience, positivity, adaptability and dealing with change. Matt is an inspiring, humorous and extremely engaging speaker and I would highly recommend him.’ "

Alison Myles, Learning and Development Director, Healthcare Financial Management Association