Matt King OBE is a leading inspirational speaker, author, pioneer and mentor

Keynote Programmes

Matt's presentations are all different, uniquely tailored to his clients' requirements.

The truly incredible journey Matt has been on since 04.04.04, that fateful day on the pitch when his life changed forever, through to his award of an OBE in the 2012 Queens Birthday Honours List, and all of his achievements in between, has given him the insight and experience to captivate, motivate and truly inspire his audiences.

It is the power of his positive mindset and absolute determination to overcome and succeed which has taken Matt from a paralysed teenager with his life in pieces, through to becoming the epitome of blowing the doors off what can be achieved in life...

Matt drives deep into the reasons he has been able to overcome adversity and defeat each obstacle in his path to success. By sharing these strategies, his audiences leave armed with the practical tools, and mind-set to cope with pressure, tackle adversity and succeed in everything they do.

Hearing Matt is undoubtedly the catalyst every company or organisation needs to drive their performance to the next level. And equally, every individual hearing Matt will leave challenged to face up to the obstacles which they perceive as blocking the way to achieving their dreams.

Matt has worked with the best, and helped them to become better! Global corporations, national and professional sporting teams, NHS managerial and clinical staff, universities and schools - Matt uses his experiences to help anybody, of any age, overcome the obstacles in their path.

Every session leaves Matt's audiences inspired and empowered to overcome any and all obstacles blocking the path on their way to achieving their professional and personal goals.

Matt presentations focus on the importance of a positive mindset:

  • Understand that limitations are only in your mind
  • How to face up to, and overcome adversity
  • Step up to the challenges facing you
  • Accept personal responsibility in order to succeed
  • Understand what it takes to achieve
  • Don't just survive, but thrive!


Matt's clients include:

  • England Rugby League National team
  • Skanska
  • AFEX (Associated Foreign Exchange)
  • Lend Lease
  • Geoban UK (Santander)
  • De Vere Group
  • London Broncos Rugby League club
  • NHS hospitals and trusts nationwide
  • DWP


"Matt’s story is one of pure courage and determination, with many powerful and relevant messages to take away, particularly around issues such as resilience, positivity, adaptability and dealing with change. Matt is an inspiring, humorous and extremely engaging speaker and I would highly recommend him."

Alison Myles, Learning and Development Director, HFMA